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Psychoeducational testing is offered to children, adolescents, and college-age adults in order to help identify learning disabilities and attention-deficit disorders, as well as to illuminate a variety of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The testing can also help identify any emotional or social issues that may be interfering with the ability to enjoy school and perform up to one's intellectual potential.

The evaluation includes a background interview with parents and several hours of testing with the child or adolescent that occurs over a few meetings. Once the testing data is gathered and analyzed, verbal feedback and a comprehensive written report are provided. The results of the testing can often help school personnel better understand what type of instruction and/or accommodations are best suited to the student's needs. Based on their child's testing profile, guidance may also be given to parents regarding studying and organizational skills that can be utilized at home.

Psychoeducational testing is also conducted with adults who suspect that potential problems with attention, memory, or learning may be interfering with performance at work or organization at home. The evaluation is similar to that provided to children and adolescents, except that tests designed specifically for adults are administered. Both verbal feedback and a comprehensive written report are provided.

In addition, I offer intellectual (I.Q.) testing to students applying to Gifted and Talented programs at school.


Psychological evaluations are offered to children, adolescents, and adults. These evaluations usually involve a clinical interview, gathering of background information, and personality testing. Clients are often referred by their physician, psychiatrist, therapist, school counselor, attorney, or other professionals in order to gain a better understanding of their psychological functioning, diagnostic issues, and treatment needs. Verbal feedback and a comprehensive report are provided to the client and the referring professional (with the client's permission) after the evaluation is completed.

I also conduct mental health assessments of potential egg donors and gestational carriers (surrogates) for fertility clinics.


Psychological evaluations are offered to clients referred by their attorney or the court. Such evaluations are often sought in relation to child custody or civil suit matters and can help clarify diagnostic issues, personality strengths and weaknesses, parenting capacity, treatment needs, etc. I testify in court about the evaluation results when requested to do so by the clients or the court.